© Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

© Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

This ‘Othello’ Is Powered by Women

Sonia Weiser / The New York Times, June 6, 2018

“If it were not for four women, Iago would be standing on a dark, empty stage at the Delacorte Theater this summer, swatting away mosquitoes, with his voice drowned out by distant honks and dog howls.

Instead, thanks to the handiwork of the lighting designer Jane Cox, the scenic designer Rachel Hauck, the costume designer Toni-Leslie James and the sound designer Jessica Paz, Iago — the devilish mastermind who drives the plot of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ — is clad in leather and strikingly illuminated as he struts through stone archways and growls his soliloquies.”

‘In 1: the podcast' episode 71 with Rachel Hauck

April 30, 2017

“[Host Cory Pattak speaks] with Set Designer and current Lortel nominee Rachel Hauck! Aside from being a busy designer, Rachel is also a member of the Off-Broadway committee of designers that recently helped spearhead the first collectively bargained agreement ever for Off-Broadway.

Now that the contract has been voted on, she joins us to discuss the nuts and bolts of how it came together, some of the most exciting terms of the agreement, and how the USA membership banded together to take such an historic step. Cory and Rachel also discuss reading a script for the first time, how she talks to directors who don't yet know what they want, why "just" can be a dirty word in early design conversations and whether theatre design can be molded to fit a standard work week schedule.

And hear how Rachel went from being an LA based designer working in television, including an ill-fated TV show called WOOPS! about a group of kids who accidentally set off a nuclear bomb, to becoming a full time designer for theatre. Lastly, Rachel gives us the most fascinating answer ever to, ‘What job would you do if your profession went away.”

Feature in “Broadway Revealed: Behind the Theater Curtain” by Stephen Joseph, 2015

Feature in “Broadway Revealed: Behind the Theater Curtain” by Stephen Joseph, 2015

See the transformation process inside the New York Theatre Workshop theatre as they prepared for HADESTOWN.